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El Teide, Canary Island Volcano 

The Masca Gorge, Canary Islands


Explore islands off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

Expand your students horizons, curiosity about the world and knowledge base.

Rex Lord is a new author!

We published a new book by Rex Lord!

This is a story about a king who loses his applesauce.  He searches high and low to find it as he is very hungry. After numerous adventures he eventually finds what he is looking for.

Rex Lord is a fifth grader at Brookdale Elelmentary school in New Jersey. He loves reading, writing and doing Tae Kwan Do.  He is spending his summers exploring the USA, swimming and sailing.

Sunday June 12, 2016 the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim took place from 1215 to about 4 pm/  More than 650 swimmer swam the 4.4 miles across the Chesapeake Bay at the point connecting the Sandy Point State Park Beach ( on the western shore) and the Hemingways Marina Beach on the eastern shore.  There was a 1 mile and a 4.4 miles swim. The event was extrememly challenging yet safety was a priority and noone was left behind. All swimmers were accounted for.

CLEAN OCEANS for Olympic Athletes and ALL


Rio Olympics 2016 begins in August!  We need to develop cleaner ocean infrastructure, water treatment and sanitation systems for our coastal cities. Rio de Janeiro is only one example.  Tokyo Bay, Haiti, Caribbean Island nations with no water treament systems, and all coastal cities around the world.  We need to develop a basic easily  portable, budget friendly system that can be built in developing nations to help them and to clean up coatal waters all around the earth.  Click here to sign the petition to gather support for this urgent need! CLEAN OCEANS for Olympic Athletes and ALL!

Transit of Mercury- Black Dot on left is Mercury, Black Dots on Right are Sunspots

So today from 7:14 am to about 2:40pm Mercury is crossing our Sun.  This makes it visible in the sky as a black dot in front of the Sun.

It is possible to see this just with a solar telescope or a telescope with solar filters. We went up to see the transit today at Eagle Rock Reservation.  A number of astronomy clubs and museum planetariums had solar scopes accessible in West Orange NJ.  Yeah! Here a great picture of the transit that I personally took with my digital camera on the Iphone.

Transit of Mercury May 9, 2016

May 9th will be the Transit of Mercury.  This will last for 7.5 hours and may be visible with a solar filter and a telescope in the New York Area from 7 am till about 2 pm.




Our time in Lake Tahoe was a great experience. With great happiness I say that the Lake is in beautiful shape.  It looked clear, green blue and wonderful!  This summer or next I plan to do a swim in it! There are numerous possibilities for open water swimming, kayaking as well as skiing for us! It is a joy to go there and a heartfelt relief to know that there are higly concerned environmental citizens living there protecting the beauty that they understand and acknowledge from the Earth. Hooray!

Today has been the most extraordinary day! I swam in the open Atlantic and Caribbean Sea crossing from the Island of Virgin Gorda  passing Fallen Jerusalem, The Blinders, Round Rock and ending on Ginger Island. Most of these islands are uninhabited or extremely sparsely populated with no man made stuctures on them. To swim by them in the teeming sea is an experience of a lifetime and a dedication which swimmers who deeply love the sea know.

So The Pia Lord Company will be soon heading out to explore the great beyond! 

Follow me to the Caribbean and find out all about swimming inthe islands. My new book An Open Water Swimming Guide to the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands by Pia Lord will be available for pre-order Apri 1, 2016 !! Sign up for your copy at The Pia Lord Company Store here on this website. Click on this tab! The Pia Lord Company Store

So interesting things are always happening in space, in the universe, but we aren't always there at the right moment to catch them!

However this time two earthlings ( yeah humans) were doing some astrophotography and happened to see something intersecting with

the planet Jupiter. Intersecting might not be the right word however!  It may be more like serious hypercollision of a meteor or a comet. 

See yesterday or click this link! Jupiter Impact

Look carefully on the right side of the planet during the video clip.  I think that's where the impact takes place. Enjoy and be amazed!

Keep swimming.Summer's just around the corner.

I am pleased to announce that I am now Level 1,2 certified swim coach through the U.S. Masters Swimming Association (USMS) along with already having my Life Guarding Certification (Red Cross) and CPR, First Aid & AED.

I am so impressed with SeaWorld for today! What a victory for the orcas and all marine mammal life, for environmental marine conservation, for humanity, for doing whats right for the balance of the Earth and for caring for our fellow earth and sea creatures!  I hope that Sea World sticks to its promise of discontinuing the Orca shows! I hope that this is not just some publicity stunt but that they are sincere in their intentions and their desire to change course to help injured sea creatures.  We can really learn alot about the wildlife if they do that. 

Well here's to humanity and striking a balance between us and them, coming together to do what we can for harmony. Happy St. Patrick;s Day!

Pia's Daily Musings

Safety in swimming is paramount! Pia

March 11,2016

So let's be aware of the areas where the orca congregate. As man has taken over the Earth in cultures all across the land forms of the globe, so it seems that theses cultures of orca have spread out in the seas. Could orcas one day learn that all they have to do is tip our boats over by creating a huge wave (as they do to push seals off of icebergs?) Once they have us in the water, they easily can grab a leg and drown us in less than 4 minutes. We would be had unless we can develop our skills at sea. Swimming, diving as open water swimmers and deep sea free divers work at these skills. But we are currently such land based creatures that to dominate the seas naturally will take an adaptation of eons likely for us. Such an interesting quest nevertheless.
But what are the orcas weakness in the water if I am swimming with them and they begin to attack me? What can I possibly do?
If they hunt in teams, can I separate them with sounds? Would a simple whistle sound interfere with their team communication and not harm them but let me get to safety? A simple high pitched dog whistle that could work under the sea? or would any visual camouflages in terms of wetsuits confuse their brain analysis and conclusions, making formulation of a hunting strategy on humans impossible, at least momentarily temporarily? Will my sharkbanz magnet work on orcas?
I would venture to say that the reason we humans are not yet on the orca menu is because they have not had enough opportunity to study us and frontally interact with us in their environment of the ocean to develop a foolproof strategy by which they know they can overcome us. Yet each observation, each interaction it is clear that the orca learns something about humans, whether we know what it is that they have learned or not.
Perhaps the orca was showing humans in the video below who is the dominant sea ruler. If that was their intent they we successful. If they were just feeding and expanding their territory to the seals Farallon Islands, then we were just lucky to capture this on video.
#orcas #environmentalconservation #survivalofthehumanspecies #pialord
Great day!
Tuesday February 23 2016 Sea Level rise article on front page!

Environmental blog

February 24,2016


Water Water Water everywhere!


Now I really want to praise the Star Ledger for running a front page article on the environmental issue I am talking about-sea level rising.  It is so important that everyone is aware and conscious since this issue will affect all who live coastally and within about 20 miles of the coastal areas. If your neighbor is suffering  you likely will be too!  This issue should be a presidential debate issue.Not just the issue of climate change but the practicality of policy and action items to do for coastal cities. 

Some ideas...

1.Should we begin to build buildings on "stilts"

2.Should we have more kayak and swimming instruction in schools.

3.Should we develop more small businesses that operate kayaks

4, how about building roads that are in the air! what is a road in the air?

Well what about double decker roads! a double decker bus or like a parking garage but a road.  We know how to build parking garages so we could build two three or four level roads.  If the ground level gets flooded, no worries,just reroute the traffic flow to the second or third levels.  We can save the third level for times of high flooding. When there is low or no flodding issues, we can operate as normal. What a great idea! triple decker highways.

5. Now if we could just hover!  Hovercrafts would solve the road flooding issues for transportation right?

6 But what about our houses?  SHould we build higher foundations.  We can still have a ranch house but on a much higher concrete block

7.  Or maybe we should begin to build exclusively in non threateneing areas.  Everyone loves the beach but not when a 177 mph cyclone hits they don't! And how many times do you feel like rebuilding your home if it gets destroyed by weather disasters.  Howmany times will the insurance companies pay for you to rebuild?

Well back to the grind!

See you tomorrow

Remember to keep a keen eye out for flodding and sea level rise and decide in your town how you will deal with it.  Proactive plans of action are better than Emergency plans of action.






Feb 23 2016

Here is more urgent need for finding other ways to package and sell products. If we are to reclaim or let mother nature purify herself, if thats possible now (as it used to be before plastics). Stop using plastic one time use containers! Even on the remotest islands around the world garbage heaps of plastic abound. Its so sad what we have done to our great planet just through consumerism and the need to package everything!
I like the question the man in the movie asks "Do you have anything not in plastic ? That is the question we all should ask each time we go to the store. Then the big companies would stop making things in plastic.
Pia Lord at for environmental conservation.


A Plastic Ocean



February 22,2016

Its a beautiful day in NJ!
But this morning I read about FIJI! I have always wanted to visit a south pacific island like Bora Bora or Fiji.
Today things are not so great there after the 177 mph winds tore and shredded everything up.
Pray for FIJIANS today! 
This is another example of the escalation of climatic and weather forces.
177 mph winds are the strongest that island has experienced in recorded history ( according the CBS and AP)
Blessing for safe environment and good health to you all.
Pia Lord

February 12, 2016

Today I read that in Louisiana's Isle de Jean Charles, for example, the Biloxi- Chitimacha-Choctaw Indian were already losing their homelands. They need to move to higher grounds as their houses are being flooded and claimed by the rising waters. This is happening much faster than scientists have so far predicted.  Each year they are revising their datelines for sea level rise and the amounts that they think it will reach.  Nowadays they are saying that models predict rise to about 3-5 feet or more.

For more information on this situation read here and here

For learning about open water swimming click here and discover Return to the Sea by Pia Lord


February 10, 2016  
If we look on the positive side
Perhaps we can calm the intensity of global warming by allowing the earth to reclaim its space in natural world .
1.Rather than continually build and concretize major urban areas, develop rural landscaping in between. What used to be considered urban sprawl should be reversed to become rural sprawl .
2. In major concretized areas perhaps drill holes to access the earth. In this way when the water begins to rise then it has channels of access to the earth to go into the ground
3.Perhaps if we can slow down the sea level rise we may be able to allow the earth to absorb the waters into the aquifers and fill those aquifers enriching our water supply .
4. If the aquifers fill then we will actually be better off . The glaciers melting and sea level rise may just actually be the earth's way of filling its own aquifers up again since according to research and data, these seem to be at all time lows.

5.  Since we have so many roads, we could use then to channel the waters should they begin to flow into the cities and towns. We have seen this happen already recently in Hurricane Sandy and more recently in the effects of the January snowstorm in Cape May NJ. The waters are rising.  If we build high edges to our roads this could in effect create viable channels to direct the waters.  Then when the waters come, move the cars off the roads.  The waters will flow down these channels to the point where we direct them.  Perhaps we should direct them to our reservoirs and other existing water holding sources that we have established.


If we are proactive about the time and the necessity to act now or soon, then we can hopefully establish high water level policies which will work when the waters flow in. We can get to work about redesigning our town and cities to be water welcoming.  In this way we will hopefully be able to adjust our major cities to avoid crises in population and infrastructure losses.

Thus some good can come out of sea level rise if humans work with the earth to develop and channel the waters of the ocean to appropriate paths and they don't get in the way of this Earth type rebalancing. A major concern will be to act soon and realize that we do need to have plans for higher water levels.  This should be a presidential caucus debate item on every states agenda, especially the coastal states.


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