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July 2017

We have added a MAP Section and a Book Excerpt Section.=These accompany the books on Tenerife, El Teide and the Masca Gorge. To access these please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on site map.  Then look for the maps and book excerpts sections. Thanks



May 2017

We are pleased to announce our new business venture!

Please go to our new website to see our waterways clean up project!

As a swimmer, I am most concerned with swimming in open water of high quality!


The Ocean Cleaner Project



We also started the Meet Ups group Kayak Klean Ups and Koffee please join us!

Click on link below.


Kayak Klean Ups n Koffee


April 2017

Swim Around Lido Key

I swam 7 miles around Sarasota, Florida's Lido Key in 3 hours 55 minutes which garnered me a medal in my age group in this Open Water National Championship!  Click on the link below to see me swim!


Pia Lord 7 Mile Lido Key Swim


Also I will be coming out with a third book in my series Return to the Sea III in the summer 2017.  Be on the look out!


March 2017

Swim Preparation for Lido Key Swim




February is already here! So check out our love poems and poetry collections on the Valentines Day poetry page.  Wonderful books of poems to give your love, partner, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend include


Rhapsody by Pia Lord

Hearts Can Sing

Mind Over Matter

Harvest While the Orchard is Aplenty


Click on link below to view and purchase books.


Valentine's Day Book Sale!



Happy New Year 2017!


This year will be filled with wonderful travels and new books primarily on science and sports! We already skiied in Vermont twice! We will be heading to Idaho, Wyoming, Utah(end of February) and Alberta, Canada and British Columbia (in April) and perhaps even to Valle Nevado in Chile (summertime), and maybe Madagascar.  The ski bug has hit us bad.  So we need to find our mountains in the US, Canada and wow! South America. In the meantime we might check out the volcanoes around for waste management ideas. Volcanoes make great garbage cans!


Please check out Catskills in the Rocky Mountains. This is a fun short novel for kids in elementary and middle school to read about skiing and snowboarding adventures.  Look for more ski adventures to come!



Children love adventure and so do adults! At the Pia Lord Company we combine science and adventure and write books on , open water swimming, geography, geology, space science, seismology, travel, time and romance short stories. 


Our books are great for young environmentally conscious travelers seeking to learn about different areas of the world.Our books are also ideal for classroom science teachers because they have activities and research projects in them for students to do. We are continually writing and expanding the regions that we cover in our books. So keep checking our website for new books!





Return to the Sea II A Guide to Open Water Swimming in the British Virgin Islands is a new guide to swimming coastals, island crossings, bays, coves and harbors in the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean Sea. Eighteen (18) swims are included covering the islands of Virgin Gorda, Prickly Pear, Saba Rock, Necker Island, Fallen Jerusalem, Ginger Island, Round Rock, Salt Island, Peter Island, Norman Island, Flanagan Island, Pelican Island and the Indians.



Come discover Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands of Spain in the North Atlantic Ocean. Pia Lord has explored the island and brings you the best of what it has to offer! Read Tenerife Canary Islands Spain by Pia Lord to learn about the secluded beaches, open water swimming, the observatory, windsurfing and kitesurfing, delicious food, the volcano El Teide, the Masca Gorge and more

Safely explore the world of Open Water Swimming in Mallorca Spain.  This guide will lead you to great beaches that are easy to swim 1k, 2k up to 5 k swims in the Mediterranean Sea. There is information on how to conduct a safe open water swim. Chapters include information on training, preparation, equipment, safety suggestions.. There are twenty-four swims covering the northern, southern, eastern and western coastal  beaches of Mallorca, Spain written about in Return to the Sea by Pia Lord.

20k Solo kayak trip

The Masca Gorge is a beautiful, largely untouched region on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain. This journey through the gorge is an exploration of flora and fauna, rock and lava formations, and light and shadow. Challenging student activities and research projects are included to encourage broader study of gorges and canyons. The Masca Gorge by Pia Lord can be found at Amazon Pia Lord.

Discover El Teide, the nearly 12,000-foot-high volcano that graces the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain! Wander up the volcano with me as I tell you about the different aspects of the formation at various elevations. You will encounter different terrestrial landscapes, rock formations, and lava flows. This book is great for learning and studying about volcanoes, especially for school students.  It has a glossary and learning projects and activities at the back. El Teide Tenerife Volcano Canary Islands Spain by Pia Lord is available at Amazon on the Pia Lord author 

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