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 MAP SECTION Canary Islands 

These maps are used to initially locate the Canary Island archipelago and to make maps or 3D archipelagoes for the section on physical geography.


Maps 1,2

Map of Spain and Canary Islands Archipelago

Map credit: sinusoidal (Sanson-Flamsteed )projection,

H. J. de Blij, Peter O. Muller, Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Photo credit Pia Lord


Map 3 credit: Van der Grinten projection 1965

National Geographic Society and Magazine

Photo credit: Pia Lord


Map 4

Satellite Image of El Teide and Tenerife

Satellite Image Courtesy of NASA in

Geology of the Canary Islands, Carracedo and Troll

Photo credit: Pia Lord






El Teide

The Masca Gorge



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