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August has come and gone and now September is flying by!

Well its back to school and back to work! 

My science books on volcanoes, gorges and islands of Tenerife are great for teachers!  The books have science terms, glossary, projects and team assignments in the activities sections at the end of the books. Contact me at I will be happy to discuss with you the books, set up and order and a book demo. Every sale includes a training session on how to best use these classroom teaching materials. Take the info from someone who has been to the Canary Islands! Pia Lord has walked the gorge, hiked the volcano and studied the island in its many interesting facets!  Come explore through my eyes! Let your classroom kids learn about Spain and its richness of geology.


July continues to be fun and challenging!  I did a solo kayak trip on the Magothy River near Annapolis.  This trip was 20 k which lasted about 4 hours.  Since I am a kid I always wanted to go up the Magothy River and find out what was up there by water.  I spent most of my teen years sailing in the Severn River and in the Chesapeake Bay.  So here's my map of the solo kayak trek!



July is a great month! We headed out to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our days were filled with endless wonder as we rode the cog railway up Pike's Peak to 14,115ft elevation, explored the Fossil Beds, wandered around dinosaur museums, hiked trails with ancient redwood tree stumps and swam 5k in Wellington Lake at 8000 ft elevation. It was a great educational adventure as well as a swimming, hiking and camping challenge!


We published one new book! 

The Applesauce is Lost by Rex Lord

This book was written by Rex when he was only three years old!  He told the story to me and I wrote it down.  We finally got around to publishing it! Rex is a rising fifth grader. He is exploring, sailing and swimming this summer.


Well, The Great Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim of 2016 was the 25th Annual swim of the event!  Sunday, June 12 I participated in the swim and successfully made it across the Chesapeake Bay swimming between the two spans of the bridge the entire way (except at the beginning and at the end) as directed. It is truly a day to remember. The winds were high gusting to 30mph and the waves were swelling and rolling across at 3-4 feet.  However I just kept on swimming and eventually I made it to the other side.


Water quality in the Bay and in many places around the world still needs improvement.  Areas of greatest need appear to be in Rio, in India, in China Yellow River, NYC harbour, and parts of the Chesapeake too. There are parts of the worls such as Durban Bay South Africa that I have only heard of that need cleaning.  Then there is the Dead Sea which I understand is drying up too due to river diversions as did the Aral Sea.  Human impact all over the world is being felt in a negative way!  Lets change that and make our existence a good impact ! Lets leave the Earth better than we found it!


I also just heard about the plight of the Papuan People!  The governments are killing and opressing the Papuan people who just want to live free and simple lives.  They have what their ancestors have lived on for generations.  Now Freeport McMoran and other resort buidling companies are destroying their lives in name of buildng yet another resort.  We don't need any more resorts to cater to the rich at the expense of the indigenous peoples. This is wrong. Leave the Papuans and their islands alone.  Let them live in peace! Go find another island, one that is deserted and build your resort if you have to. What do you gain by killing people to build on their lands?  I would never go to your resort if I knew that you killed people that used to live there just to build the resort.  That is an atrocity and genocide that the human race can do without.



Rio 2016 is getting so close!  We need Clean Oceans for Olympic Athletes and for All!  Please sign my petition to help move this process further!

Clean Oceans for Olympic Athletes and All. Click on the link below to sign petition.

Clean Ocean Petition


I am proud to announce that CAP, the Civil Air Patrol, has awarded me the CAP Aerospace Teacher of the Year Award for 2015!  I am very honored to have been selected by them.  I feel the CAP organization has the highest mission in Aerospace Education, Search and Rescue and Cadet Education (preparing young cadets to earn their pilots license! It is an exciting organization and I am proud to be an Aerospace Education member of CAP.


While I was in the Caribbean I had the occaision to fly on a Puddle Jumper from San Juan to Virgin Gorda and return.  I have the highest admiration for these young pilots! The pilot had a tiny landing strip and did a fantastic  safe landing!  He was Captain Alvarado of Cape Air!  Bravo!

One of my brother's brother in law's  kids just got into the Air Force and another friend's son was selected for a summer camp of flying experience.  My son will be at KSC again this summer too. Its just all up in the air!  So lets keep it th-air! LOL


Children love adventure and so do adults! At the Pia Lord Company we combine science and adventure and write books on , open water swimming, geography, geology, space science, seismology, travel, time and romance short stories. 


Our books are great for young environmentally conscious travelers seeking to learn about different areas of the world.Our books are also ideal for classroom science teachers because they have activities and research projects in them for students to do. We are continually writing and expanding the regions that we cover in our books. So keep checking our website for new books!


I just returned from a swimtrip to the British Virgin Islands.  I will be releasing

RETURN TO THE SEA II A Guide to Open Water Swimming in the Virgin Islands.

Pre-order is available for this book now!  I participated in all of the swims that are in this book! If I can do it anyone can!


Pre-order here!The Pia Lord Company Store


20k Solo kayak trip

Return to the Sea II A Guide to Open Water Swimming in the British Virgin Islands is a new guide to swimming coastals, island crossings, bays, coves and harbors in the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean Sea. Eighteen (18) swims are included covering the islands of Virgin Gorda, Prickly Pear, Saba Rock, Necker Island, Fallen Jerusalem, Ginger Island, Round Rock, Salt Island, Peter Island, Norman Island, Flanagan Island, Pelican Island and the Indians.


Pre-order your copy today!

Click here to pre-order.

Thank you!


Pia Lord

Come discover Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands of Spain in the North Atlantic Ocean. Pia Lord has explored the island and brings you the best of what it has to offer! Read Tenerife Canary Islands Spain by Pia Lord to learn about the secluded beaches, open water swimming, the observatory, windsurfing and kitesurfing, delicious food, the volcano El Teide, the Masca Gorge and more

Safely explore the world of Open Water Swimming in Mallorca Spain.  This guide will lead you to great beaches that are easy to swim 1k, 2k up to 5 k swims in the Mediterranean Sea. There is information on how to conduct a safe open water swim. Chapters include information on training, preparation, equipment, safety suggestions.. There are twenty-four swims covering the northern, southern, eastern and western coastal  beaches of Mallorca, Spain written about in Return to the Sea by Pia Lord.

The Masca Gorge is a beautiful, largely untouched region on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain. This journey through the gorge is an exploration of flora and fauna, rock and lava formations, and light and shadow. Challenging student activities and research projects are included to encourage broader study of gorges and canyons. The Masca Gorge by Pia Lord can be found at Amazon Pia Lord.

Discover El Teide, the nearly 12,000-foot-high volcano that graces the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain! Wander up the volcano with me as I tell you about the different aspects of the formation at various elevations. You will encounter different terrestrial landscapes, rock formations, and lava flows. This book is great for learning and studying about volcanoes, especially for school students.  It has a glossary and learning projects and activities at the back. El Teide Tenerife Volcano Canary Islands Spain by Pia Lord is available at Amazon on the Pia Lord author 

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